Thursday, March 29, 2012

Valley of the Sun

(I think the photo has been photoshopped--it's not really this green.)

We are moving to Phoenix.

Ryan has been wanting to make the move to the city of his company's headquarters for at least a year. He hasn't pressured me to go and we aren't being "forced" to go. Our last trip to Phoenix as a family was sort of a "scope it out trip." I feel like if we are going to end up moving to Phoenix eventually, why not go before the kids start school and our lives enter whole new stage.

I don't love Phoenix. But, I don't hate it either. I just never imagined I'd ever live in the desert. It's so...brown. Not what I'm used to out here in green Sacramento. But, I'm excited for a change and even more excited to be able to give my kids more of a traditional home setting (i.e., a backyard, a driveway, and a street to ride their bikes up and down.) I like the idea of watching my kids play in the backyard while I make dinner.

I'm not that excited about the heat, but I'll survive. I'll miss my pretty winter coats and living in my cozy Uggs for almost five months, but I suppose being able to play outside nine months out of the year will make up for it.

Taxes are lower. Homes are less expensive, Gas is cheaper. Highlights and haircuts don't cost as much!

But it's not California. With the exception of Provo, I've always lived in California. I'm a Californian. But whatever, I'll get over it.

My sister, Shannon, lives there. That is a nice thing.

It is almost April. We are planning on moving between June 15th and July 15th--the exact time of the year that EVERYONE says NOT to move to Phoenix. They say, "Whatever yo do, don't move to Phoenix in July." Hmmm.

It's real. We are moving.


Lindsey said...

Your move means I will see you next time we go there (not sure when, but you better believe i will call you).

Change is scary - especially when you are comfortable/like where you are... but it will be good once you are settled, the kids are in school, and you are making dinner while they are running around in the backyard. that last part sounds kind of blissful, actually. are you getting a pool?!

(They also say don't get married there in July - we did...)

Heidi said...

The change in landscape will be an adjustment for sure. But I love the restaurants there, and the orange blossoms in the spring, and so so much sunshine, and of course my favorite sandwich shop Sacks. it will be good Jen. Living in different places adds character.

k. said...

Okay, so I saw this photo & remembered that I've TOTALLY been to Phoenix. I was convinced that I hadn't, but I have. For a wedding. And it was fun! Great Tex Mex. I'll go find my post...

I love that you're being 87% positive. Pretty certain I'm still 87% negative about Houston (to where we moved in AUGUST - total, absolute worst time of the year).

You're going to do really well there, I'm sure of it. And taking advantage of Shannon's Sephora discount? Yes please.

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Courtney Ann said...

That picture is gorgeous!! Good luck with your move.

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